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Mana Patricia after a month in Mozambique – The ALG After-Class centres

“It is now a month since I arrived to Mozambique. I feel like time has flied and the engagement you start having with people you come across with every day and the smile on children’s faces will be terribly missed when I leave. With this experience I am learning a lot while trying to do my simple tasks to help. It is impressive how little children here have…but how a smile and such joy is carried with them every single day.  

Every day, I try to teach them something new, as their known universe finishes a couple of miles from the place they live. Still I feel we should always try to make a difference, be it teaching them vowels or just carrying them in our lap to show them tenderness. Here, the smallest Little Gesture means so much for them.  

The other day, I was passing close to the dam (ALG’s CRPE Orphan Centre) when I heard a child shouting “Mana Patricia!!!”, Mana is their affectionate term for big sister. Sometimes communication is hard with the children as their portuguese is not fluent, speaking local dialect instead. But their smile and affection is worth a thousand words!”   

Mana Patricia travelled as a volunteer with our sister-charity, UPG Portugal to the area of Chokwe, Mozambique, where she is supporting the ALG After-Class study centre in São Vicente Paulo school, among others. 

In Mozambique, only 44% of students complete elementary school. Only 20% of students attend secondary school. The ALG After-Class study centres provide children with access to after school study centers where they can develop and strengthen their learning. Our goal is to improve the quality of education and promote in children an increased interest in studying to avoid drop-outs.

We have locations in Chokwé (SVP), Manjangue (SLM), Chinhacanine (CRPE) and Chongoene.Email if you would like to know more!      

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