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My Xmas Pledge – a simple & special tale by our Chairman

Christmas is meant to be happy. Christmas is meant to be about the joy of celebrating life. Christmas is meant to be special. So this year, my husband Bernardo and me decided to make our usual London Xmas Celebration simple and special.

This is what we told our friends…

Here is how we will make it special: Each of the (grown up) attendees (or invitees) to the dinner is invited to make a £10 contribution, or whatever amount you wish >£10 to this project (

Even though I failed to rally enough support over the last 3 months to fund our first crowd funding campaign Silvestre’s Self Sustainability Project, I have not lost hope. Bernardo and me have been supporting Silvestre for 4 years now with a Uni Scholarship and we want to continue to do our best to give him the choice to break out of poverty.

Here is how you will make it simple: We will cook and prepare everything and just ask you to be there on time. If you wish you can bring wine or bubbly. No more. That should be simple enough. There will be plenty of food, crackers, perhaps a Christmassy CD and an outside heater if we feel space is too tight.”  

We had our lunch and our celebration between 16 friends with families away, before we went back to our families and celebrated with them. I am glad our friends joined our special celebration. Even though the project is not fully funded yet, I trust we can make it happen.   

TODAY, as February starts, we are asking Silvestre to get the project started. That will be the ultimate celebration!  

Thank you,

Sara Vicente Barreto, ALG Chairman & Founder  

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