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One Brick at a Time

Today, ALG starts its first ever crowdfunding campaign.

We are fundraising £2762 for a Chokwe region with affordably better housing and a higher employment, one brick at a time!  

What? Financing a small Bricks Production Community Project in rural impoverished Chinhacanine to build better quality housing at economic prices, offer free housing to the elderly and drive local labour by trainining unemployed youth from underprivileged background in a sustainable centre of activity.

Why? Did you know that in Mozambique around 70% of the people live with less than $2/ day? In a country where the main activity is domestic agriculture for self-consumption, ALG considers essential to support local entrepreneurship to develop sustainable income generation activities and help break the cycle of poverty.

Who? Silvestre Quenha is a young man who works as ALG Technician in Chokwe. He graduate in Management & Accounting in 2014 through an ALG university scholarship, ALG’s first ever graduate! He now aims to launch a project in his community through the Youngsters Community Association he chairs.

And the Benefits? Improve living conditions, bring employment to the community and help break the cycle of poverty.

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