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Our New Accountant in Chokwé

Teacher Graça with her thesis supervisor and jury 

We are proud to congratulate our ALG Scholarship holder Graça Silvestre Sitoe, who got her Accounting and Auditing degree last week at the Chokwé Economy and Management College (ESEG)!

Teacher Graça has been working in the education area for 15 years and currently she teaches Portuguese and Music to 6thgrade students at the São Vicente de Paulo School in Chokwé, her home town. She is married and has five children.

Four years ago, teacher Graça decided to go back to study and enrolled herself in the Accounting and Auditing degree after working hours. Since then she has been a role model for her students and colleagues, motivating several other teachers to follow her example. ALG supported her studies until 2014 through a Uni Sponsorship paying for school fees, documentation and other educational costs.

It was a long and difficult journey – managing a full time job, a big family and classes every night – but it was worth it! Teacher Graça presented her final dissertation today:

“The importance of Internal Audit for Companies’ Development” before an audience composed by her supervisor, family, friends and the two UPG Portugal volunteers. The presentation went very well and teacher Graça is now our newest graduate! In her thesis’ acknowledgements teacher Graça thanked ALG for “the huge contribution we provided to her educational path.”

We could not be prouder!

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