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Paulo Rebeca’s New Home!

In 2012, the ALG Launch Event financed a brand new Family Hut for Paulo Alfredo Rebeca and his family.

Fifteen-year-old Paulo shares his new hut with his single mother, little sister Josefa, who is five and Alfredo Novunga, a cheerful 10-year old. The hut has one door, one living room and one bedroom  The share a communal toilet just next door. The water fountain is reasonably close for the region, only 10 minutes walk away. Their new possessions also include 3 big water containers to store what is a scarce liquid in the village.   

Small Alfredo’s school is close by, but Paulo has to take the local bus to attend school. He is a good and dedicated student, sponsored and followed closely by our portuguese sister-charity UPG Portugal.   Their mother cultivates beans, corn and mandioca to top-up the monthly family basket they receive by UPG as part of the sponsorship programme. She also finds the time to work on neighbouring plots for  a meagre 30MT (65p) a day.   They have electricity and even TV when they can afford the monthly bill.  

The mother thanks gratefully:
” We live well in this house… Since we have it, we are so very happy, we don’t get any rain inside, we live so well.”  

You too can give the gift of a home. May – The Month of the Family Huts at ALG! Donate Now!

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