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“Sometimes life surprises us and it is up to us to know how to handle it…!” – Testimonial by José Castigo


I, José Castigo Chissano, 22 years old and living in Xai-Xai, would like to tell you that before entering Escolinha do André my life was not easy. It all started when I was living in neighbourhood 13 with my family, the place my grandmother died and, with the passing of time, so did my mother. Things started to fall apart in my mind and in my life and I kept asking myself what did I do? Almost following these events my father also died, even though I had never met him… this all happened at a moment when going to school was not an easy option so there was a time when I did not study.

My aunt, my mother’s sister, took me to the EA – Escolinha do André, in order to give me an opportunity to study. She requested Sister Isabel Langa for me to join classes in 2005 so on that same year I began attending the 2nd grade. In 2006 I moved onto the 4th grade during the morning and to the 5th grade during the afternoon where I also attended the adult literacy and education classes. I left the EA after passing both grades and then I attended the neighbouring school Eduardo Mondlane for the 6th and 7thgrades. My academic education continued to make good progress as I moved from this school to the Secondary School in Tavene where I completed from the 8th to the 10th grade.

Now, I’m studying at the Xai-Xai Secondary School attending the 11th grade at night. One day I stopped to analyse my life’s path since the events that made me an orphan up to now, which was only possible thanks to the efforts of the Dominican Sisters from Santa Catarina de Sena, of my Sponsor [from UPG Portugal] and of A Little Gesture (ALG).

My life changed radically, today I feel just like the others thanks to YOUR contributions in my life. In the future I want to continue studying to get a degree in Law and become a Lawyer. This will make my dreams come true and also the dream of my Sponsor, Luís Chainho who, despite my adulthood, never stopped supporting me.

Dear Sponsor Luís Chainho a Great Thank You for your effort in helping me, KHANIMAMBOI’m also sending my khanimambo to ALG from the bottom of my heart wishing that this Gesture continues throughout our lives, Dominican Sisters of Santa Catarina de Sena I did not forget you, you are the link between the sponsored children and the sponsors by UPG Portugal and have been contributing in best way possible for the development of all the children here in Gaza. A big hug to you all.”                             

Xai-Xai, on the 30th of August 2013

José Castigo Chissano was under the Sponsorship programme at ALG’s sister-charity in Portugal, Um Pequeno Gesto – UPG. He is one of the brave and hard-working children that we are so proud to have helped.

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