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Starting afresh in Chokwe – Flood Update

In São Vicente Paulo (SVP) and Santa Luisa Marillac (SLM) Schools, in Chokwe, our Local Partners the Vicentine Sisters are back at work. 

In Manjangue, the village outside Chokwe where SLM school is based, Sister Lidia is step by step assessing what has been destroyed by the floods and what can be reused. The books in the library, spread all over the floor, are completely illegible. The small appliances are ruined… the school floor is still covered in mud. At the moment, Sister Lidia is still unreachable by telephone.

Now it is time to get up and move forward, hoping the worst is behind! Hope that is shaken by constant reports that the water level may still rise in the area this week. 

Sister Neusa, our Local Partner and SVP headmistress, is back to Chokwe town after being evacuated last week. She keeping contact with Mr Calado, the official School Delegate, for updates on the school. The school area is still restricted access and the 5th Neighbourhood where it is based remains a no-man land…  

Last night it rained torrentially in Chokwe and the rain is expected to continue. Local authorities are keeping their high risk alert on as it is possible that the local dams, reaching capacity, will be opened before the 8th of February.

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