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Stories that make us proud

A Little Gesture team’s visits to Mozambique always bring us stories and testimonials that makes proud, and we have to share them with everyone who support us and believe in our work.  

“Mummy” Noémia, the mother of Talita, a UPG Portugal sponsored child, is HIV positive but she’s been followed-up and has been receiving treatment since 2013. Due to her extremely fragile health condition, “Mummy” Noémia could only accept small cleaning jobs, wash clothes and other not too strenuous jobs. They don’t pay much but it is enough to help providing for her 4 children.

After the 2013 floods, Noémia was supported by ALG within the scope of the Income Generation Project in São Vicente de Paulo. She received a small financial assistance to help her to start up a small scale business. Today, 3 years later, during ALG’s visit to the ground we were amazed by how much this mummy managed to achieve: thanks to the success of her business “mummy” Noémia managed to start building a home for her family. Although the house is still not yet finished, this “mummy” is a role model. ALG is already contemplating the possibility of helping Noémia to conclude the construction of her house and improve the living conditions of this family.

The São Vicente de Paulo Income Generation Project began thanks to the produce of the first crops distributed by ALG for the São Vicente de Paulo Sschool farming plot, right after the 2013 floods. After setting aside some of the produce to strengthen lunches for After School Support, a share of the revenues from this farming plot is applied on these small businesses managed by our mummies. Since 2013, it has benefited 4 mums and all of them are true role models that fill ALG’s heart with pride!

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