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SVP Pre-school!

Thanks to everyone’s contribution, we managed to raise 1’256£ to support the first class of children in São Vicente Paulo School! Now, around 30 extremely underprivileged children will have free access to preschool education, a daily meal, school material, a teacher and lots and lots of care and attention. To celebrate another conquest nothing better than volunteer Virgina’s words.  

“One more (extra)”ordinary” day. I’m teaching pre-school children, between 3 and 5 years old (moving from being a university teacher to a kindergarten teacher 🙂 .

I have almost 30 wonderful students, and their affection couldn’t make me happier. 🙂 In only one week, they have learned to count to 5, and to write number 1 and 2 (a huge accomplishment, considering most of them do not speak Portuguese). This is also combined with plasticine moulding (good idea to bring it) and lots of songs and dancing.I’m also learning changana (local dialect) to be able to communicate more efficiently with them.I already have favourites: Michelle is hardworking, quiet and a quick learner (she says she loves teacher Virgínia, and I can feel it), and Emerson, quiet with the cutest face I’ve ever seen. 🙂

In the beginning, it was difficult to see children without backpacks or pencils. They didn’t even had bread for their snack and did not know how to use the toilet (one of the children just relieved himself at the entrance floor). They didn’t know how to hold a pencil (they tried to write with the wrong end) … Education is key and I’m very happy for being able to participate in theirs’, even if only temporarily.”

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