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Team work !

A Little Gesture is immensely proud to see our Local Technicians growing professionally and a strengthened team spirit is definitely the source of positive impact!

Mano Orcidio, our Local Technician in the dynamic Santa Luisa de Marillac School, welcomed Phycologist Ácio from Maputo for a 3-month stint at the school. As a team, they grow side by side for the wellbeing of our children. For Orcidio who accumulates lots of different tasks on what is ALG´s single biggest programme: School Feeding, Sponsorship, HIV Centre, among others, Ácio´s extra pair of hands was an amazing gift!

“To be honest in the first day when Ácio arrived in Manjangue, I doubted about his professional abilities and skills. Fortunately, Ácio was a big surprise and turned to be much better than I was expecting. He is very hard working and he is a very creative and confident person.To work with children from a different community is not an easy task but he manages to work with all the children and everyone likes Mano Ácio.
It is very rare to find a young person with this kind of attitude. What he has learnt at the university, he actually uses it and he constantly shows that what really matters to him is practical knowledge and not just the degree and the diploma.”

Orcidio Edú
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