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Day 25: A full year – Thank You

Letter from the Chairman

This year, we continued bringing smiles to Mozambique. Over the last 25 days, hopefully we also brought smiles to all of our donours and friends with the stories of the children. After all, it is all thanks to you.

This year, I went back to Mozambique, 4 years past the last trip. This was the longest I was away since I started UPG/ALG. Too long. And it was all I hoped it

to be. A return to the roots, a re-kindle with our vision, a re-connection with myself and my place and, off course, lots of hands-on work. I observed a grown ALG, with lots of grown up kids and lots of grown up needs. We set new goals and built new dreams.

As we get ready for 2020, we know we need to stop and be grateful for what you have helped us build. You, our donours and friends, were amazing. Look at what we accomplished together:

  • We provided targeted and personalised care to 883 sponsored children, who thanks to their ‘Padrinhos’ get to go to school and receive improved nutrition at home;
  • We provided 931 children in Santa Luisa de Marilac with a meal a day, cooked with care and love to assist with school attendance;
  • We provided 233 children in 3 pre-schools with their first chance to learn, including a meal to ensure the little ones don’t spend the day hungry;
  • We deepened our education efforts providing 402 children with after school support and an extra meal to help with their learning;
  • We provided 40 HIV and vulnerable children with daily care, improved nutrition and specialized medication to improve their quality of life;
  • We provided 33 children, of which more than 80 pct girls, with access to technical courses which will bring them a better chance to stand on their own 2 feet;
  • We were proud to have 10 of our young people in university degrees, in a country when only 4 pct of students reach higher education.

What a list, what a year. Hopefully you felt just as proud reading it as I did writing it. Without you, our Little Gesture could not have become such a great help.

From all of the children, local partners and the UPG team, we wish you Happy Holidays. May we do ever more for the children in 2020.

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