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The dream come true – Eduardo

Our Scholarship holder Eduardo is in the final semester of his Physics Teaching Degree which has been partially sponsored by PLEN, a Portuguese Law Firm. As per usual he sends us a few words of appreciation.

“Hello! Once again I’m thankful to the group that has provided me a great support to make my dream come true. I’m just about to obtain my degree, and I’m sure that without their help I wouldn’t be here today. I hope this help continues after I achieve my goal, since there are so many like me needing a helping hand. I thank everyone who tirelessly fought day and night to raise funds to help me, they we’re precious and transformed my academic life. Today, despite not having yet concluded my degree I feel many changes occurred regarding my professional life. With the knowledge acquired I’m able to overcome several obstacles in my working environment and to make teaching more comprehensible and creative. I thank all the ALG family for everything they have achieved on my behalf and I repeat – without your help I wouldn’t be where I am now. A warm embrace to the PLEN – the law firm and to all ALG family.”

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