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Update on the Flood Situation in Mozambique

Center Reborn for Hope
In the Center Reborn for Hope, the UPG Volunteer Sara informs that the water is being distributed with the reserve generator from the company Opway, but this is already reaching its limit.  The next option will be to use the water well in the seminar close by to keep providing water to the population, but for that they will need to find petroil nearby.  They are all working together to find the best solution.  The volunteers are helpging with the monitoring of the water distribution together with some local elders that help those who speak less Portuguese.  

The news are less encouraging here, as there is yet not way to reach affected areas.  Our local technician Hilário is still on top of his roof and his health condition is deteriorating.  We are doing all we can to bring help to him.  

The City keeps flooding and the water is already at the edge of the city, where the main bridge is, and reaching out to the downtown areas.  The situation with the ALG children is at the moment less concerning as most live in Quarter 9 or next to the Escolinha do André, which are higher parts of town.  The ones from the low lands have mostly been reallocated to the Quarter of Marien Ngouabi, where we have the pre-school Flor da Infancia, a high area.  

Emergency Fund Chokwé
Brother Licinio is in Maputo seeking to source as much basic goods as he can.  The Emergency Fund was delivered this morning by ALG and all the partners were given permission to use surplus funds from the monthly goods in order to do all they can to relieve the populations. A lot of roads are still blocked but brother Licinio says he will bring the food there “even if he carries it on his back”  

Together for the Children, Every Little Gesture Counts

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