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Your two new water wells in Bungane and Conjoene

In 2012, YOUR support allowed ALG to finance the construction of two new water wells, now providing clean water to over 2,000 people in Bungane and Conjoene. 

Two new water wells were drilled in Bungane and Conjoene in the impoverished Gaza province of Southern Mozambique, to a depth of 80m and 100m each. These were outfitted with dependable BluePump® hand pumps.  

ALG’s new water well in Bungane, inaugurated February 2013 at a cost of £11’500  

Why is access to clean water so important in this region?

– Clean water and sanitation improves health and prevents debilitating diseases

– Improved water access improves nutrition by supporting subsistence farming

– Water shortage perpetuates poverty restricting work and study opportunities

– Collecting water falls on young girls who drop off school further hindering gender equality   With you again, this April, there is plenty of clean water in Mozambique!  

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